Nobody Edits surprise update

Remember when we said we weren't going to update Nobody Edits in the foreseeable future? Scrap that.

Due to a recent surge in player activity, we've taken to squashing some nasty bugs and fixing up the game. Though we're not actively working on this project, we hope this update will make the game more enjoyable to our players. By popular demand, physics are a tad bit slower now, for example. We would love to hear your feedback about this. You can consult the full changelog by clicking the button below.

As always, please report any bugs or suggestions in the Nobody Edits subreddit.

Thank you for sticking with Nobody Edits!
- nielsd, Ant99

⚠ Message for Opera users

You seem to be using Opera. Opera has mouse gestures enabled by default, this will cause problems with right click+drag. It might be a good idea to either disable these for this game or to use shift+left click in-game instead.

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