Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nobody Edits?

Nobody Edits is an online multiplayer sandbox game where people can create levels for others to play.

How do I control the game?

Nobody Edits supports both keyboard and controller input.


Keyboard + mouse Controller
Place block Left mouse button /
Remove block Right mouse button /
Pick block Middle mouse button /

General movement

Keyboard + mouse Controller
Move Arrow keys / WASD / ZQSD Joystick / D-pad
Jump Space bar A
Godmode G / Mouse input X

User interface

Keyboard + mouse Controller
Player opacity toggle Mouse input B
Map M / Mouse input Y
Toggle chat T / Mouse input /
Toggle sidebar Mouse input R
Toggle inspector I /

Please note that you can't place blocks with a controller. You can however use touch screen input if your device supports it.

Isn't this game exactly like...

Yes. Yes it is.

Can I transfer my levels from that other game?

You can import levels from Everybody Edits using our level importer. Keep in mind that there is nowhere near feature parity between Nobody Edits and that other game, so imported levels may look and play different.

What happens when I register?

When you register, you can create your own smiley and build rooms for others to play!

How many rooms can I have?

You can currently have 20 rooms.

Can I play on a mobile phone or a tablet?

Totally! You can either use our beta touch controls or you can hook up a controller to your phone or tablet. It's never been easier to play on the go!

How can I create a room which everyone can edit?

Even though this game is called Nobody Edits, you can still create a room which everyone can edit. Give out the code to your room in the chat or spell it out in big bold letters! If you want to discourage trolling, you can use /drag no to require players to click for every block they want to place.

I don't want people to join my room when it's not yet finished!

If you don't want people to find your room, either through the lobby or the discover page, you can toggle the "Show room in lobby" option in your room's options. Please note that people will still be able to join your room when you give them the link.

Can I continue building in a room when its owner is offline?

You can continue building in a room, even when the owner of this room is offline. The code to a room also continues to work when the owner is offline. Keep in mind that (auto-)save features are disabled as long as the room owner is not in the room.

How and why do I set a room type?

You can set a room type in your room's settings. When your room attracts enough players, it will appear in the appropriate category in the lobby. Your players want to know what to expect, so always set your room to the right type!

How do I address players with signs?

You can talk directly to your players with signs! By using %username%, you're leaving a special message just for them. When you type %username% in the sign text box, it automatically translates to the username of the player who reads it! For you, it would read guest. Cool, right?

How do I make the game bigger or smaller?

You can change the size of the game through your browser's native zoom. This is done by holding the CTRL key and using the scroll wheel, or by pressing CTRL ^ + and CTRL ^ -.

I have found a bug!

Woops, sorry about that! Be sure to let us know at the Nobody Edits subreddit. We regularly check there for bug reports.

I have made a smiley part. Will you put it in the game?

Maybe! Post it to the Nobody Edits subreddit. We regularly check there for new designs to use.

I have an idea!

Nice! Post it to the Nobody Edits subreddit. We regularly check there for feature requests. Keep in mind that we don't have much free time. Ideas may be canned due to time constraints or complexity.

What's the CPU usage in the lobby?

Pretty much 0%.